​HEATSINK can help you plan your future.

Just like you engage your Accountant’s or Business adviser to plan your next expansion or office move, Heatsink will help you ensure your IT systems will scale to meet your needs.

Many businesses forget about planning their IT expansion and find themselves with slow networks, overloaded servers that are low on disk space, backup tapes that aren't large enough to backup all their data, or even not enough PCs for a growing number of staff.


Make HEATSINK part of your business development planning and your computer systems will be a business strength not a liability.

As with any item of technology, your IT systems requires regular maintenance.  If this is neglected your IT systems will soon begin to deteriorate and eventually fail with a resulting loss of productivity.

​​HEATSINK have a variety of maintenance plans that can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements, and much of this can be performed remotely to minimize interruptions to your business.



Do you need a new computer? Or does your old computer need a little TLC or even an upgrade or three? We are here to offer support and assist in any way that you need...


Nowadays a small business often needs the technological sophistication of a much larger organisation, but can't justify the cost of in-house support or the services of corporate IT consultants. So as a budding entrepreneur you've started your own business up and now you need your IT to work for you.

We can give you advice on packages that will satisfy your businesses needs.

From a one-off incident fix for your PC or server through to a comprehensive support agreement (SLA) with remote support & specialist advice.

Chances are that your IT systems are very important to the smooth and efficient running of your business, and if they should fail or not run at optimum efficiency then your business could suffer, or in extreme cases even fail.

Maintaining your IT systems is critical to the long term success of your business. The relatively small costs involved in regular maintenance of your IT systems will far outweigh the cost to your business of computers whose performance is continually degrading to the point of eventual un-usability or even total failure.

Maintenance plans need not be costly and intrusive. If your IT systems are permanently connected to the Internet, ongoing maintenance can be performed remotely without an IT Technician even coming to your site.
HEATSINK offers cost effective maintenance plans which can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

And don't forget your anti-virus! This is one of the areas where simple maintenance can save you vast amounts of heartache.

Yours sincerely,

Sarel Lewis